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Ciliegia e Piccolo Soli - Six Fold Printed Silk Italian Necktie

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One of the most luxurious designs in our collection. Ciliegia e Piccolo Soli translates to English as "Cherry and small suns", this Italian pink tie features a printed silk twill with colors that are inspired by the Japanese springtime.

We use the absolute-best Italian silk for our six-fold ties. As the name implies, these pieces of art are created by folding the silk fabric into a six-fold construction rather than relying on a lining. Silk Satin provides a lustrous finish and excellent drape which result in an elegant and dapper look. 

This  luxurious necktie is designed, stitched, and folded in Como and goes well with formal, semi-formal, and casual attires. 

Luxury six-fold construction.
Length: 58 in ; Width: 3 in

  • Country of Origin: Italy.
  • Fabric: 100% Italian Silk.
  • Care: Soft Dry Cleaning only.

Background Color: cherry-red
Secondary Color: blue and yellow

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All our ties ship in a Castel Ruby gift box with special tissue paper. 
Gift Box Size: 15 x 5 in.

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