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About us

Dear Customer, 

We are the Castel Ruby Design and Management team and we are glad that you are visiting our online boutique and learning about our company, products and our fashion ideas. Castel Ruby is a small, friends-owned, American company that specializes in men's neck wear and accessories. 

Neckties have never been out of style, and a while ago we noticed that the market really only had two options; designer companies that make beautiful ties but at exorbitant prices, ties made of synthetic materials that would not last more than one trip to the dry cleaners. Thus, Castel Ruby was created from our shared passion for men’s fashion at reasonable prices made with luxury high-quality products. Each product found in our online boutique has been meticulously curated for your consideration. First, our collections are envisioned and inspired by fashion trends for the upcoming season. We then move to Lake Como in Northern Italy where our designs come to life. Como is the “heart” of the Italian silk industry and it is home to artisans and masters that have been accumulating their knowledge since the early 15th Century. It is in the city of Como where our fabric is produced, our neckties are cut, assembled and sewn. Finally, we come to you and proudly present you with high-quality products that we would happily buy ourselves. 

Castel Ruby is a small American company headquartered in the tropical paradise of Winter Park, Florida. Our ideas and products are tightly interwoven into the global commerce fabric (fashion pun intended). Though our ties are made in Italy, we draw inspiration from our diverse backgrounds and travels and strive to incorporate this into our design trends, softwares, and services.

Our company produces a limited number of accessories each year and this means that our neckties are very exclusive. Consider purchasing a Castel Ruby tie for your next special occasion or as a gift for that special someone because it’s very unlikely you’ll find it somewhere else.

When you buy a necktie from us, you are not only getting a timeless piece produced at the highest quality but it also means supporting a small business that is passionately creating something different, that is always here to serve. 

We are eager to hear your comments and suggestions and happy to answer any questions you may have, simply emails us at: customerservice@castelruby.com. You can also send us an old-fashioned letter using our address from the contact information page. Our company is always looking for ways to please our customers and you will not wait long before hearing back from us.

Grazzie Mille (thank you so much), 

Ana, Monica & Rodolfo 

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