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Pearl Paisley Tie - 100% Silk Jacquard - Self Tipped- Italian-Necktie for men

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Necktie Pattern

This is the first self-tipped paisley necktie in our collection,  a luxurious design with a very special color pattern. An aged-pearl/taupe silk background with a very delicate paisley motif in very thin black silk and pearl satin. The jacquard pattern creates a very soft micro-texture that ads elegance to this necktie. 

Most paisley ties are created using printed silk because the patterns are very elaborate; we decided to add some extra elegance to our paisley collection and went with a jacquard fabric (the pattern is weaved). This design is a true piece of art that that most paisley-lovers and well-dressed men will value highly. 

This necktie was designed, weaved, and stitched in Como and goes well with formal attires. We used a medium-weight silk fabric that is perfect for most knots. Suggested shirt color: White, blue, brown.

Necktie fabric, measurements, and instructions

Necktie construction: Classic three-fold.
Necktie Length: 58 in ; Blade Width: 3.25 in.

  • Country of Origin: Italy.
  • Fabric: 100% Italian Silk.
  • Interlining: Italian wool
  • Care: Soft Dry Cleaning only.

Background Color: Pearl, Taupe
Secondary Colors: Black


All our ties ship in a Castel Ruby gift box with special tissue paper. 
Gift Box Size: 15 x 5 in.


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