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Paisley Ties- 100% Italian Silk | Castel Ruby

Paisley neckties are one of the most American designs in our collection. The pine cone or almond-like form is of Persian origin,  the textile designs cramming many of them into a rich pattern are originally Indian, and the English name for the patterns derives from the town of Paisley, in Scotland, a center for textiles where paisley designs were produced. Paisley bandanas, and paisley prints in general, gained popularity during the American revolution and over time, they became a very important piece of Americana.

Modern Paisley patterns continue to be bold, vibrant, and elegant. Castel Ruby paisley ties are unique because we don't print the pattern on the silk, we weave the different threads to create very intricate jacquard design patterns. These neckties have a luxurious micro-texture that is very vibrant; the high-weight silk also creates a tie that "falls" very nicely.