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Paisley Ties: Monochromatic, Matching Colors, Contrasting Colors, or Polychromatic

Posted by Rodolfo Soca on

Paisley ties can be worn in almost every event. A good paisley necktie can upgrade any formal or casual attire and add a nice touch of color to any shirt or suit but, Paisley patterns are bold and complex and it could be challenging to find the perfect combination. In this article, we will talk about Paisley Ties and the four types of patterns you can use that might go well with your style! We know it can be a little bit overwhelming at times but don't worry, we got your back!

The Paisley Pattern

Before proceeding to the other color patterns of Paisley ties, first, we should discuss what it is. This particular eccentric design is composed of a curved or waved teardrop figure. It is said that it was first made in Persia and was also called boteh or buta. It was initially embroidered or hand painted on clothes to be used during weddings; however, as time passed, Paisley patterns found their way into various categories such as jewelry, fashion, art, and many more. During the initial years of the American revolution, paisley bandanas also became a symbol of the American spirit and nowadays constitute an important element of the Americana style. 

Paisley designs are known to be very versatile, especially when it comes to neckties, symbolizes elegance and sophistication. Those interested in learning more about the history of the pattern, can review some free sources of information: Paisley pattern - Wikipedia page

Four Main Color Schemes or Patterns of Paisley Ties

In this section, we will help you determine what might be the perfect pattern for you. We will be discussing the four main color schemes you should know about.

Monochromatic Paisley Neckties

Monochromatic paisley patterns are created using shades of the same color. It is common to have a darker silk background with the Paisley elements weaved using a lighter silk thread. Monochromatic patterns are perfect for jacquard fabrics since the number of colors tend to be limited. Monochromatic Paisley neckties are very elegant but they could be challenging to to match with a random shirt. We recommend using a monochromatic tie for special events where colors and color patterns are selected ahead of the event. These neckties are perfect for best men in a wedding where the color pattern is carefully planned. 

Matching-color Paisley Patterns

matching- color Paisley patterns can be considered a variation of the monochromatic patterns; think of a Blue silk background with white Paisley elements, blue and white are matching colors. Paisley neckties with a matching color pattern are much easier to match with several shirts. This pattern style works well with jacquard fabrics since the number of colors is still limited. We offer a few Paisley neckties with this style. 

Contrasting Color Paisley Neckties

This is probably one of the most popular styles of Paisley patterns, most of our neckties use contrasting patterns that are carefully selected.  There is a little bit of overlap between contrasting patterns and matching patterns since it could be a matter of opinion to determine if two fabric colors match or are contrasting. One of the best features of this style is the versatility that such neckties offer, it is very easy to find a matching shirt or suit in the wardrobe. As the number of colors increases, it is harder to consider a jacquard fabric for these neckties. Castel Ruby collections always include Paisley necktie with elaborate color schemes that are weaved rather than printed and the final results are unbelievable. 

To see an example of a contrasting pattern that could also be considered a matching pattern, we recommend checking one of our most popular Paisley neckties in green.

Polychromatic Paisley Patterns

The last style in our list is the polychromatic color pattern. This color scheme combines different kinds of colors that will go well together, and it usually takes an expert's eye to do this. These neckties tend to use a printed fabric since it is impossible to weave too many silk threads together. Many people like polychromatic Paisley neckties and they are easy to match with any shirt or suit. Polychromatic neckties are great work ties.