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Italian Neckties, Jacquard Silk Fabric vs. Printed Silk Twill

Posted by Rodolfo Soca on


The highly demanding Italian Silk industry popped up and revived the hopes of Italy’s 1000 years old silk trade with extraordinary production of silk at a larger scale. One of the most sophisticated symbols of their innovations and creations is the luxury necktie, a perfect combination with a formal suit for men. We cannot deny the fact that Italian silk fabrics are the main reason for the globally-famous quality of Italian neckties.

When it comes to silk, there are many fabrics that can be used in the creation of neckties but most of our neckties are made with either silk twill or with jacquard fabrics. While we all agree about the high quality of an Italian tie, many of our customers ask for help when trying to decide the between printed patterns and jacquard fabrics. Let’s cover the difference between these two groups briefly.

Jacquard neckties

Jacquard fabrics are created by weaving the different silk threads in order to create the pattern; this used to be the main way that fabric patterns were created for centuries. Jacquard weaving has its roots in an old technique called Italian brocade. Jacquard neckties look more professional and tend to be more formal. Jacquard ties have a more voluminous feeling and tend to be heavier. Simple patterns, like stripes and dots, are very easy to create with a jacquard fabric; more elaborate patterns can be weaved as well but the silk thread must be extremely thin to create a fabric that folds easily.

Our collections always include a wide variety of jacquard neckties. Some of our jacquard patterns use subtle matching colors while other patterns are bolder. Some of the most complex patterns in our collections are for our paisley neckties which are always created using jacquard fabrics.  

Printed neckties

The printed silk twill is thinner in texture and preferred for a relaxed feel. Twill silk is actually a fiber of natural silk and then the pattern is printed using large printers.  Printed neckties are ideal for casual occasions like daily office routine, a long travel, an informal meeting, where you feel comfortable and carefree.

While printed ties “flow” easily, do not think that printed patterns are less valuable than jacquard fabrics. Printing on silk fabric is an art that is very hard to master. Some of the most famous manufacturers of Italian neckties tend to rely on printed fabrics for their collections.


In a nutshell, it is a good idea to have a combination of printed and weaved neckties since no pattern is necessarily superior. Weaved, or jacquard, neckties are usually more formal and tend to have more volume. Printed ties are lighter and allow more complex designs with an endless selection of colors.